Recruitment Services

Our Services starts with building up relationship with the client and working on focused and well-defined job profiles to get the right person. We believe in meeting the client's requirements within a framework of specific schedule and in a cost-effective manner.
Executive Search & Recruitment We believe in partnering our clients in talent sourcing and can handle all Top, Senior and Middle management requirements across industries / functions / locations. We can be your one stop shop for all your sourcing irrespective of industry / function / level / location.

We are in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements, for desired candidate we precede to wards, data-short listing and primary interview with our industry expertise, we understand that company's today require more than a skilled candidate; they reach for employees who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team. Our consultancy has gained this recognition by providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse corporate, of all sizes.
K7 Management Consultant Is professionally managed and established placement agency. The Company is considered amongst one of the pioneer in manpower placement firm.
We specialize in Senior & Middle Management Positions (All Categories) besides Technical/ Engineering and Marketing positions (All Levels) as well as Non Technical positions.
Our search executives stationed at various locations in India identify the ‘Right’ person; they use their professional and social contact to reach them.
Thus our Head Hunting team eliminates the possibility “The Right Man May not even apply to the Advertisements”.

RPO stands for “Recruitment Process Outsourcing, “meaning that an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external vendor. Those recruiting activities may include sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, coordinating offer letters and orientation.

Benefits of Offshoring:

  1. Reduce Cost
  2. Increased focus on core competencies
  3. Staff Augmentation for work load balancing, access to skilled resources on need basis
  4. Ability of have work performed 24 x 7
  5. Gives flexibility towards scalable model which can be ramped up or down quickly without incurring long term costs such as unemployment insurance, employee benefits, etc.

We are building an extensive database of skilled and experienced candidates relevant to those areas. Shortlists can be quickly compiled. Candidates are sourced through our corporate advertising, Institutes, personal referrals, research, job portals, networking and marketing.

Value of your database is zilch if it is not updated and latest, it’s a natural process for data to become old and obsolete if not updated regularly. You might have millions of candidate records in your database which might need cleaning and regeneration, which might take endless time and money to be completed. We offer you Database Regeneration services by which we help you with udpated, cleaned and validated data from the database you share with us. This not only saves your time and money but makes your data meaningful and informative which can translate into business.

Benefits to Clients

  • Single Window Contact
  • Implementation of minimum wages
  • Manpower availability at all times
  • Help Clients to concentrate on core areas
  • Reducing internal hiring cost
  • Client homepage
  • Issue appointment letters
  • No permanency claim

Benefits to Associates

  • Induction Program
  • Zero Balance Salary Accounts
  • Single Window Contact for all Associates deputed at a location
  • Personal records for individual associates

K7 Staffing Solutions is a division of K7 Management Consultants and is a well established recruitment consultancy working with businesses across India to supply Temporary Staff, Permanent and Interim resource. We are a relationship based company and take time to fully understand the needs and expectations of our clients and our candidates, providing a comprehensive strategic partnership to both parties.

K7 Management Consultants is founded on a clear belief that great firms need great people and great leadership. Both must be supported by proactive, supportive and challenging human resources leadership plus aligned human resources policies and infrastructure. Indeed we believe that it is these things that make the difference between an organization being simply successful and truly excellent.

Our clients cover a range of industry sectors and vary in size from small and medium sized enterprises through to large fortune rated companies and major public sector organizations. Our approach with all of our clients is to create and implement tailored, cost effective solutions that deliver real results.

We are committed to serving you and our approach is simple, based on reliability and trust. Our long-standing reputation within the recruitment industry is representative of the honesty and integrity with which we continually work.

We tender the quick and easy availability of manpower resources to our clients and fulfill their immediate requirements. Our expertise across the industries helps us to furnish quality staffing solutions for all business verticals.

K7 Staffing makes the manpower resources available with ease, bearing in mind the skill-set required as per the clients directives. We aid the organizations by fulfilling their manpower requirements and provide them the necessary acumen to be flexible, cost-effective, and competitive. Our past staffing endeavors have set us apart as constant result-driven performers, delivering on time.

However, whether the manpower required is for a temporary basis or temporary-to-permanent basis, K7 Staffing carries the same meticulous approach for their selection. We are aware that staffing is a decisive factor for success and the client looks for specifically skilled manpower, which can produce results in no time. hus, K7 Staffing strikes a steady balance to regulate the manpower movement, in and out of the organization.

About us..

K7 Management Consultants Is professionally managed and established placement agency. The Company is considered amongst one of the pioneer in manpower placement firm. We specialize in Senior & Middle Management Positions (All Categories) besides Technical / Engineering and Marketing positions (All Levels) as well as Non Technical positions.